Does melatonin vape hurt your lungs

 Does melatonin vape hurt your lungs? 

Melatonin is a hormone that is released from the pineal gland at night and is often used as a short-term treatment for people diagnosed with insomnia from situations such as work shift changes or jet lag. On average, it takes 30 to 60 minutes for melatonin to take effect. An over-the-counter melatonin dose can last in the human body for 4 to 10 hours depending upon the intake and formula of the melatonin used. 

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Melatonin does not affect blood pressure although repeated melatonin improves sleep. Although patients diagnosed with essential hypertension or repeated melatonin intake have reported a significant reduction in nocturnal blood pressure. Melatonin is a part of the human body that helps in sleep and the addition of vitamin B6 supports the human body’s natural melatonin production.

Vape is an alternative that people are addicted to nicotine in the form of cigarettes or any other kind of nicotine intake. It is called an “e-juice”. A cartridge containing glycol, flavoring, and other chemicals that are stimulated for nicotine. Some vapes are considered to be nicotine-free but still contain trace amounts of nicotine because the reduction of nicotine intake is the main purpose, not eradicating it.

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A lot of people going through insomnia have to use medications that suit their needs to overcome the lack of melatonin their bodies produce. Hence a sleeping aid is preferred and sleeping aid melatonin may sound pleasing and easily bought over the counter saying it has no potential risky side effects or addictive qualities. Melatonin is available in many forms combined with essential oils such as lavender and chamomile if melatonin intake is through vape, pen, or diffusers. All the while the short-term use is effective and seems like a shortcut to this disease, i.e. insomnia, but the long-term risk of melatonin vape is still there.  You can find a Melatonin Vape at

Melatonin is no longer strongly recommended for the treatment of chronic primary insomnia, says Jennifer Butler, MD, a specialist in sleep medicine. Self-medicating oneself just because of not being able to sleep is a wrong approach. Medication taken to overcome any long-term issue may end up putting your body at risk of diseases. Anyone with insomnia should get themselves checked by a sleep clinician as it can be the result of untreated sleep apnea or thyroid disease. This overall still does not say that supplements should not be taken, research is being done into melatonin being taken in vapor form. Any oral supplement takes between 15 minutes to as much as one hour by the liver. Vaping melatonin instantly transmits the hormone to your body and is absorbed through the lungs and heart. A typical melatonin pen gives more melatonin than the amount required by the body. This means that a melatonin vape may be causing your body out of the circadian rhythm because intake is more than necessary. Melatonin is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration since there is so little research on the long-term effect of melatonin that it’s hard to assume whether it will hurt or heal.

The normal common saying is that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. As to melatonin vape being dangerous, there is no solid research on this. Although a normal vape is already harmful be it nicotine-free or with nicotine. Those that are said to be free, as already mentioned, are said to trace amounts inside them. Many take a supplement if they have problems controlling this hormone inside their own body, but there has been no study on vapor use, which should be an advisory to consumers. Vaping-product-use-associated lung injuries (EVALI) are said to be such a serious condition that they can lead to death given the fact lung tissue evaluated from 17 EVALI-related deaths show damages similar to a patient exposed to fumes from a toxic spill. The main issue with any vaping is that no one knows what kind of chemicals are used to make them, how each chemical reacts to the other chemical present, and which chemical is the actual cause of death. Vaping melatonin may immediately access your lung and bloodstream and generally have much more melatonin than the body is used to. This means you could eat more melatonin, which might disrupt up your circadian cycle than your body is supposed to. If you choose to inhale melatonin, it is an unknown danger. Although it shows relatively few results, experts suggest that it is not the greatest option. It is generally a terrible idea to take anything besides air and prescribed drugs. Vaping also causes seizures due to excessive air consumption.

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Social media has played its part in marketing the melatonin pens and people have been convinced with the fact that it helps you sleep faster and is more efficient than using any of those pills or fruit-flavored gummies. Melatonin vapes have almost an immediate effect because they are directly absorbed by the lungs and into the body whereas a melatonin pill or any sleeping pill requires almost two hours to begin spreading across the body.

In essence, self-medication is to be done very cautiously as overdosing is one of the main issues and a non-prescribed melatonin drug can cause a lot of problems coming back to the circadian rhythm. Getting help from a sleep physician should always be your priority and if self-medication is done, it should be done to a controllable amount. Melatonin vapes exist in similar ways to normal vape pens but having the different chemicals in them inside the ones inside a normal vape pen has given them the advantage of not destroying your lungs. But this all is just a theoretical idea along with the hypothesis being that the amount taken from a melatonin diffuser is more than a normal melatonin drug and the effect is double as it is not ingested, straight absorbed to the body. The straight absorb for an overdose may cause damage in the lungs but no research has shown this so far.

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