Is melatonin vape addictive?

Is melatonin vape addictive

The developing steam rod technology of a fast drug management approach has become enormously popular in recent years. The most famous form of the product is steam plums, which use nicotine, commonly known as e-cigarettes, produced by well-known companies like Juul and promoted as instruments to substitute or lessen nicotine dependence in the human being. While these seeming positive intentions are remarkable, the reality of the spread of e-cigarettes has had severe health implications for the popularity of these devices, especially among young people who use them at leisure rather than as an instrument of smoking cessation. The consequences of nicotine dependence compared to cigarettes are almost infinite with a vapor pen.

Melatonin is a hormone that is released from the pineal gland at night and is often used as a short-term treatment for people diagnosed with insomnia from situations such as work shift changes or jet lag. An OTC melatonin dose can last in the human body for 4 to 10 hours depending upon the intake and formula of the melatonin used. As the body's digestive system generally ingests and processes melatonin supplements, feeling the benefits of the hormone usually takes thirty minutes or an hour. Some companies’ primary selling feature is that Melatonin's effects may be felt very immediately if breathed so that consumers feel prepared to slumber in minutes. The business says, therefore, that inhalation of melatonin is preferable to the use of oral supplements, which can be inconsistent, depending on the meal a person has previously consumed amongst other things. While in the science world melatonin's effects are pretty well established, the fast vapor route has not been examined as much. The long-term health effects of depending on a gadget that lets you sleep within minutes are also of concern since there is no guarantee. If you want to try one of the better melatonin personal diffusers, check out Mellow! They have a really tasty lavender/grape diffuser.

Melatonin is quite essential for the human body and sometimes extra is required by the body due to lack of sleep. Going through insomnia is a permanent disease at times and the fastest and cheapest way to get a short-term cure is to go for over-the-counter melatonin drugs such as pills, fruit-flavored gummies, or as in the current stage, melatonin pens, diffusers, or vapes as they are commonly known. You can find a Melatonin Vape at

Vape pens are commonly used by those who wish to keep the environment safe without the usage of tobacco, i.e. chewing or smoking it which causes damage to plants and the ozone layer. They are known as e-juicers and contain nicotine, glycol, flavoring, and other chemicals that stimulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Pens are just another addictive source of nicotine and don’t do good as you think they would. Lungs are still as much affected and although it may be good for you, you end up losing yourself to this addiction.

Melatonin inside the body is not enough hence a lot of people around the globe suffer from insomnia and rather than seeing any specialist as to what the root cause may be, they self-medicate and end up using melatonin drugs such as over the counter pills and fruit-flavored gummies. Sometimes insomnia is caused by untreated sleep apnea or thyroid disease causing it to prolong and a person grows so addicted to the drug that they no longer get sleep without it. Although any kind of melatonin drug causes no sleep “hangover” hence one doesn’t have to muster up a tolerance and can easily let go once in a while if they do achieve the amount of melatonin required in the body for sleeping. A melatonin vape gives an extra dosage of the hormone and as drugs that are ingested require at least two hours to activate their effect, the vape has immediate effect but the overdosage that required may cause prolonged sleeping and one may get so addicted even if the insomnia is healed but they will believe it is not and will take the vapor because they have grown accustomed to it. Although the basic purpose of melatonin vapes and drugs is to bring your body back to the circadian rhythm.

The pens cause no addiction but one grows it out of habit that even though they are back to their original sleep cycle, their habit and day to day routine is made in such a way that it becomes an addiction and even if they are back to their original state, they still cannot sleep because they have programmed their brains to such a cycle that the melatonin pen is needed. Although it has no side effects as research is very minimal on its aversive side. It is straight absorbed into your lungs and heart and vapor has its effect immediately, but as research states that a variety of heart diseases and risks for pregnancy for women are shown to be true. Old age citizens have been shown to have insomnia There is a lack of regulation of melatonin. People find it cheaper to just search online that a sleeping pill or a melatonin vape will help them sleep better and end up getting so used to their insomnia that the pen has become a part of their life. People suffering from insomnia from sleep apnea never find their root cause, i.e. sleep apnea, until very late and doctors sometimes cannot determine the root cause due to the lack of knowledge in the field of biology. The human body is a very complex being hence it requires natural treatment rather than an alternative to man-made chemicals. 

In essence, unless diagnosed by an official physicist in the respective field, sleep clinician, self-medication is very dangerous and sometimes uncontrollable. Having a melatonin pen might end you with addiction, even coming back to the original cycle because you put your mind and body on the program to follow it and take melatonin as a basic necessity. In short, melatonin vapes can be addictive even though they do not cause addiction and can cause a lingering effect on them with even further risks with people suffering from dementia. 

If you want to try one of the better melatonin personal diffusers, check out Mellow! They have a really tasty lavender/grape diffuser.