Where Can I Find Melatonin Vape?

Where can I find a melatonin vape?

Melatonin is a hormone that is generated naturally by the body to control the circadian rhythm or the cycling of sleep. During the day, the level of melatonin decreases to an undetectable level. When the sun sets, melatonin levels gradually start to climb and signal to sleep. However, several conditions, such as stress or shift, can decompose the regular cycle, which makes it hard to start sleeping or waking up at the right time.

It is released from the pineal gland at night and is often used as a short-term treatment for people diagnosed with insomnia from situations such as work shift changes or jet lag. On average, it takes 30 to 60 minutes for melatonin to take effect. An over-the-counter melatonin dose can last in the human body for 4 to 10 hours depending upon the intake and formula of the melatonin used.

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Melatonin is often taken through over-the-counter pills or fruit-flavored gummies because the most common alternative way for patients suffering from insomnia is taking a supplement. A melatonin supplement takes at least two hours to activate inside the body as it can take from 15 minutes to as much as an hour for the supplement to be digested by the liver and get mixed with the bloodstream. Sometimes it can last forever because of an untreated disease such as sleep apnea or a thyroid problem that may end up giving the patient insomnia for the rest of their life and not come back to the original circadian rhythm unless the disease is treated.

Insomnia patients have started their medication (self-medication) and without the consultation of a specialist they end up taking over-the-counter sleeping pills. Some people may have insomnia due to an untreated disease inside them and that might prolong their use of the melatonin drug and keep using it because they have no other alternative and as melatonin does not cause any “sleep hangover” there is no tolerance needed to stop it but as one has programmed themselves to stay on this track because their insomnia still is there due to the untreated disease. Untreated diseases such as sleep apnea or a thyroid issue.

Vape is an alternative that people are addicted to nicotine in the form of cigarettes or any other kind of nicotine intake. It is called an “e-juice”. A cartridge containing glycol, flavoring, and other chemicals that are stimulated for nicotine. Some vapes are considered to be nicotine-free but still contain trace amounts of nicotine because the reduction of nicotine intake is the main purpose, not eradicating it.

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A new way of melatonin intake is vaping pens. As vapes are mostly considered to be alternatives to smoking tobacco and all, melatonin vapors are known as melatonin diffusers. They contain the melatonin hormone along with essential oils such as lavender to give the fumes a good aroma and something strong essence to take in. Social media has done its part in marketing it the best way possible.

Keep Mellow, the company that made these melatonin vapes has used social media influencers to market this product so that all their fan following buys in hope of trying to replicate their idol. They have almost more than twenty million customers with ten thousand of them being online. Melatonin vapes are available online on amazon and Ali expresses that they ship them worldwide.

Melatonin pens have an instantaneous effect in the human body as it becomes absorbed by the lungs and heart hence any other chemicals mixed with the melatonin hormone will also be absorbed directing into the bloodstream. Those using melatonin vapes have been reported to have greater effectiveness but as you start to take supplements for sleep and due to the hectic routines because of Covid, a lot of people suffer from insomnia as they have ambiguous timings. Halfway around the world, a student is taking classes at night because his or her institution is the other halfway around the world. Melatonin can contribute to a revision of their sleep-wake cycle in people with sleep problems linked to circadian-rhythmic alterations like shift work disorder or jet lag.

If you want to try one of the better melatonin personal diffusers, check out Mellow! They have a really tasty lavender/grape diffuser.

Although a normal vape is already harmful be it nicotine-free or with nicotine. Those that are said to be free, as already mentioned, are said to trace amounts inside them. Melatonin vape is available on https://keepmellow.com/ 

Vaping-product-use-associated lung injuries (EVALI) are said to be such a serious condition that they can lead to death given the fact lung tissue evaluated from 17 EVALI-related deaths show damages similar to a patient exposed to fumes from a toxic spill. The main issue with any vaping is that no one knows what kind of chemicals are used to make them, how each chemical reacts to the other chemical present, and which chemical is the actual cause of death. Melatonin pills have been the cornerstones of the well-being sector for years and their promise to sleep soundly. Vaporizers have been created such that they are much faster than a pill to provide Melatonin to the bloodstream.

Now the original question is: should you buy the pen? Yes, they are available worldwide and almost anyone can get their hands on it if they try to find it. Along with the potential risk that more than needed melatonin is provided and that the user has no idea what chemicals are being used, will one still use it? Unless or until a prescribed note from a specialist or a sleep clinician is given to you, self-medication is a very cautious path to follow and could go wrong at any moment. If you have insomnia and require a melatonin dosage, do you want to prolong the issue just by treating yourself with a pen that could be bought and delivered right at your doorstep? Or would you rather find the cause of insomnia, maybe it’s another whole issue or just your overthinking talking to you and convincing your brain that yes you do have insomnia. Anything is a possibility but acquiring a melatonin vape is not a necessary shortcut to getting out of your sleepless cycle and back to the circadian rhythm your body is used to.

Melatonin vape is available on https://keepmellow.com/